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Serial Connections with a Fortigate device

So I have a 200B, no idea on the ip address, no idea on the password.


yum install minicom


Using minicom. I ran minicom and was told I had no /dev/modem

ln -s /dev/ttyS0 /dev/modem 

To just try I did

cu -l /dev/ttyS0 -s 19200

Now to setup as

Baud 9600
Parity None
Stop Bit 1
No hardware flow control

Ran minicom again and got a screen up, Ctrl-a z to go to help screen then to settings and setting the parameters as above.

Turn off the FortiGate 200b (in my case)count to 10, and start.

FortiGate-200B (17:35-11.23.2011)                       
Serial number:FG200B391xxxxxxx                                                  
RAM activation                                                                  
Total RAM: 1024MB                                                               
Enabling cache...Done.                                                          
Scanning PCI bus...Done.                                                        
Allocating PCI resources...Done.                                                
Enabling PCI resources...Done.                                                  
Zeroing IRQ settings...Done.                                                    
Verifying PIRQ tables...Done.                                                   
Disabling local APIC...Done.                                                    
Boot up, boot device capacity: 3824MB.                                          
Press any key to display configuration menu...                                  
Reading boot image 1330923 bytes.                                               
Initializing firewall...                                                        
System is started.                                                              
FG200B391xxxxxxx login:

Now the first time though I was not fast enough and could not login. So text editor I wrote out


Where FG200B391xxxxxxx is my serial number.

Turned off the FortiGate 200b (in my case) counted to 10, and restart.

FG200B391xxxxxxx login: maintainer                                              
Password: ********************                                                  
Welcome !
FG200B391xxxxxxx # config system admin                                          
FG200B391xxxxxxx (admin) # edit admin                                           
FG200B391xxxxxxx (admin) # set password newpassword                               
FG200B391xxxxxxx (admin) # end  

Now restart Minicom and connect with this new admin password.

FortiGate CLI Commands


config      config object                                                       
get         get dynamic and system information                                  
show        show configuration                                                  
diagnose    diagnose facility                                                   
execute     execute static commands       
exit        exit CLI 

So using this PDF, I went

FG200B391xxxxxxx # config system interface

FG200B391xxxxxxx (interface) # get

This gave me information about settings. Specifically:

== [ switch ]
name: switch    mode: static    ip:   status: up   

Oh great the device is still set at, didn't think to try that.

So on a PC with an IP address of, I went to and got:


and could login with the admin password I had set above.

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