Remote Support.

Need help with your Computer?
We give our customers a copy of Teamviewer so any time any where we can get in to your computer via the Internet and fix things.
Once you are up and running again you can even pay us online.
Download Putty : Download TabbedViewer

Google, cPanel & Websites

Do you know who hosts your website?
Can you make contact with them when you need them?
How current is your website?

We are a Google Reseller

You have a gmail account that is just not big enough.
Your business emails some times never get through.
You need to make sure all your computers and files are safe.
Google Gsuite for Business ($us120 / year / email address.)
Let us manage your Network, Emails and Computers with Google.


Web Sites
Fully CMS.
Template driven
Backed-up daily
Business or Pleasure


Hosting your website.

One price, no hidden costs. $360.00 / Year (inc GST). Register

Google your Email

Get your emails delivered! $105.00 / Year / eMail Address (inc GST). Register
Google gmail, calendars, drive, business, analytics, Webtools and more. 

New Website

Setting up your new website with Template, Starting pages, Galleries, Content Management System. Starts at $500.00. Register

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Making Google work for you, Google Analytics, Google Web Tools, Google Business, Google Maps. $575.00 (inc GST) one time setup with a Google Account as above. Register

cPanel and WHM

We run a cPanel server. Once you are registered you can do it all your self or get us to take the hassle out of your website. Learn More. 

Domain Names

$36.00 / Year (inc GST) depending on the name. Register

All prices are in NZ$. GST inc.

What else do we do?

webmail sm

Emails via Google

Email is a deeply abused system.

From viruses to spam to identity theft.

Our way of beating this is to use Google.

To send and receive emails with your domain name you will need at least 1 Google Apps for Work account.

These cost $60US/Year/eMail address.

They provide 25GB of backup for your computer.

And gives you access to Googles replacement to Microsoft Office: Google Drive all online, always available on all your devices.


Businesses you might be interested in.

2K Design

2k2K Design & Manufacturing Engineers Ltd have been operating out of the Wairarapa for the past 14 years. Our reputation for producing top quality products has grown and we now supply our custom made products nationwide.

Services of Interest.

flashLearn what we have been learning. Flash is our site where we talk about all the things we have been doing. From the latest in Joomla and Wordpress to geekie things in Linux.

Open Source Software.


gimpThe Free & Open Source Image Editor

Whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, or scientist, GIMP provides you with sophisticated tools to get your job done. You can further enhance your productivity with GIMP thanks to many customization options and 3rd party plugins.