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Installation of Backup to Google

By following though with these installation instruction you agree to the terms and conditions of the use of this software and service. aiContact Backup to Google Terms and Conditions.

  1. The assumption is made that you already have a Domain Name (like
  2. That you already have a Google Account with this Business Domain Name.
  3. That you have downloaded and installed Google Drive to your computer.
  4. If not it would be more efficient for you if we set up the backup system.

Step 1.

You have already signed up with us for aiBackups.

Step 2.

Download and install the latest version of Python 3.4 As of June 2014 this was version 3.4.1

Step 3.

Download this file

If you computer rejects or suggests that this file may be harmful, change your settings to allow this file to be downloaded.

Step 4.

This file should now be in your Downloads Directory

  1. Open the Downloads Directory.
  2. Right Click the file
  3. Click on Extract All...
  4. This will open an option of where to Extract these files to...
  5. Click on Browse.
  6. A list opens and the third item down, under Desktop, should be your user name.
  7. Click on your User Name.
  8. You should now see Google Drive (most likely under Favourites).
  9. Click on Google Drive.
  10. Now that Google Drive is highlighted, now click on OK.

We should now have a directory in side your "Google Drive" called ""

If at any time you have difficulty, please call us on 06-379-6668.

Step 5.

We now need to get a secure certificate to you.

We do not trust the Internet! All communications with our servers will be encrypted.

  1. Inside Google Drive, right click the folder called
  2. Left Click on the menu item "Google Drive".
  3. Left Click on Share...
  4. In the Google 'Sharing Settings", down the bottom type in our email address. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  5. Make sure it is set to 'Can edit" and there is a tick in Notify people via email.
  6. Click on send.
  7. Click on done.
  8. We will now place a secure certificate in your copy modafinil without prescription of aiBackup and call you when done.

If you do not hear from us with in 24 hours please call. 06-379-6668

Emails via Google

Email is a deeply abused system.

From viruses to spam to identity theft.

Our way of beating this is to use Google.

To send and receive emails with your domain name you will need at least 1 Google Apps for Work account.

These cost $60US/Year/eMail address.

They provide 25GB of backup for your computer.

And gives you access to Googles replacement to Microsoft Office: Google Drive all online, always available on all your devices.


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