More than a Website.

A website is so much more than a bunch of Pages.

  • It is your presence on the internet and it is a living document of who you are and what you do.
  • It is the first impression to all new customers.


 Your Websiteblank25


Things you need to consider


Website Hosting


Your website has to live some where, we have a cPanel Google Computer Engine running Centos 7.


Look and Feel

 blank25 Colours use in your website,
Fonts and their Sizes,
Pictures (This is what costs, to get pictures or take your pictures and make them website ready.)
$50.00 -$400.00

CMS Template

  This makes the look and feel usable and constant.
By using a template is become quite easy to make website wide changes to
Layout, Side Bars, Fonts and Colours.
$100.00 - $400.00


  Content Management System
You build your website inside your website.
Generally we use either WordPress or Joomla.
Two great systems that make managing your website relatively easy.
Free, really! 



These are the actual Content pages that make up your website.

  • Introduction
  • Who we are
  • What we do
  • Our Staff
  • Contact us

From these five simple pages you can build a hundred page website that not only showcases your website but provides enough information about your industry so that people want to use you, your services and your products.

$50 to $100 a Page



Be found!


Google Analytics

  • Who visits your website and from where.
  • When do they visit.
  • What pages do they look at.
  • How long do they stay and what else do they view.
  • How did they get to you.
  • If the found you from Google, what search words did they use?
  • This comes with one Google Apps for Work. You office in the Cloud.*

1 time setup

Google Webtools

  • Make your website Google friendly.
  • Help Google to easily make your website searchable.
  • Get Google to tell you when things are broken on your website.
1 time setup

Google Business


This free tool from Google allows you to manage your business in relation to Googles services.


Ad Sense


Get noticed.

When people search in your industry, don't just get your website near the top, but get your website to appear as an ad approved link.
This comes with setup and hone hour of training.
Ongoing Google costs are your responsibility.


Google Apps


If you choose to have a Google Anaylitcs account linked to your website, that same account also gives you:

  1. Google Apps for Work
  2. Google Drive with, Docs, Sheets, Slide, Photo and 25 GB of remote storage
  3. Gmail with a personal address (not, Hangouts
  4. My Maps, My Business, Adwords, Google Calendar
  5. And all of this on mutiple devices, PC, Tablet, Phone.

Beyond Google


Meta Data


This is the hidden stuff or your website that makes you reliant to Search Engines.

  1. Page Title
  2. Page Description
  3. Page Tags
  4. Authorship

Either we train you, or do this for you. 


Domain Name


You need a Domain Name to put your website on. 

  1. Check these guys out for prices:
  2. Check these guys out foravailable names.
  3. Or let us do that for you, generally $10.00/Year.


  Book some training with us, get your staff to have ownership in to your website.
Let the content grow from the people who are creating the products, providing the services.


Contact us here.


* We are a Google Re-seller, we can take all aspects of your business in to the Cloud.

  1. Emails
  2. Backups
  3. Servers
  4. Documentation
  5. and of course websites.

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