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Software Hardware

We have been building networks for over 25 years to ensure your hardware and software have the most secure and capable platform for your business can thrive.

We can manage your connection to the internet to keep you safe, offer remote support, and provide internal hardware from Computers to Firewalls. We also interface with your internet providers to remove the geek speak and hassles from technical support.

We are Google resellers. Take your business in to the cloud and know you will be supported by some one you know and can talk to.

We are Registrars in the New Zealand .nz name space. We can also register any conceivable name using Name Cheap.

We run our own Web Hosting servers. We are not resellers, so we can help and support you down to the byte.

Remote access is our ace in the hole. We have been supporting people remotely all they ways back to the days of Dial UP Modems and DOS.

Years in The Business

Networks Built

Servers Built

Emails Addresses Managed

Operating Systems

Our Services

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Whether you need a new one built or adding to an existing network, we can build your network to meet your growing needs.


We have been keeping the nasties at by for over 30 years, even before we went in to business.


Your software and hardware needs to work for you. We make sure this happens. From PCs & Macs to Websites and Databases.


We can manage your needs remotely, keeping updates and logging network activities.


Need help on site. We can do that.

Remote Support

Better still let us support you remotely.

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