Backing up your Data

As Google Resellers we can help you in your business or home to make sure Files and Memories are never lost.

A 2T Byte account with us is $22.00 a month (xGST).

What we do

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We are helping businesses to share information effectively, files, emails, and photos when in Office or out in the Field.

Out on a job and what a co-worker to see what is going on. Take a video or photos, and share them with an Office Albam; no more trying to send photos in email. 

Have a family account so people can share photos in one place.

My wife and I share a Google Photos account; at the 2T level, there is next to no limit on photos in this account. We work together so it is very useful for each of us to be able to see the others photos.

Google For Home

Either set up on a Gmail account, or bring in a domain name and start to populate for your family.

Google For Business

Setup a Domain inside Google and take advantage of all their tools, from Maps to Business.


Add a WordPress website, either for Business or Family, self-manage it, or let us keep you safe. We also offer training courses.